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Your goal is to take on various jobs, earn money, buy your own vehicles and then take on bigger jobs as you expand your business across the big map and open up new opportunities and goals.

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Relying on a few vehicles will simply increase your times on the job which will make you travel more back and forth.

The simulator will give its players a chance to head a global construction and demolition company.

The rest of the world is hit or miss. The game provides an overall fun experience that also tends to frustrate and annoy, mostly due to poor angles and animations. Currently, the game does come with a penalty system where you could get fine for overspeeding and hitting pedestrian vehicles. Check out the trailer below.

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After starting their career as a new builder in the fictional European city of Neustein and the surrounding Illertal, players will at first have to fulfill some smaller jobs such as delivering materials or gardening works.

There are so many officially licensed vehicles just waiting to be operated, including Caterpillar, Case, Bobcat, and Palfinger.


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The developer Weltenbauer really took time getting these districts down and giving them each a unique identify.

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Follow the link and reserve your copy today! Second Extinction will launch in Game Preview for Xbox Series and Xbox One this spring, developer Systemic Reaction announced. The port from mobile to consoles has also been fantastic. Construction Simulator 3 coming to PS4 Xbox One and Nintendo.

However the realistic aspects of the game leave no room for creativity and will limit its appeal to those who can find satisfaction in completing set tasks.

As I earned more money for completing jobs, I enjoyed deciding what jobs to pick up next, which equipment I should be buying, and so much more.

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There are no images matching your search. There is not one form of affordable housing on this site and I feel that the only reason I am working is to fund the corporate greed. The traditional hammer route is also possible but way less fun. Stay tuned to learn more about this title in the future.

Construction Simulator 3 Console Edition Xbox One by Microsoft Box Art North Amercian Release Date April 7 2020 Average Overall Score 550 10.

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These towns are all designed around convenience for the player, which is merciful due to very poor vehicle controls.

Construction Simulator would have a new entry boasting better graphics, more vehicles, more jobs, more features and a huge world, but does it deliver on this promise?

Adding some additional features such as indicators, wipers and advanced lights would certainly make the game a lot better and will give you more control over the construction vehicles.

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The traffic vehicles are really low in quality when compared to vehicles that the player drives in the game.

This is something that the developer must look to fix if they ever make another title in this franchise.

The short district with less traffic and pretty much open roads is a good place to kickstart your construction career in the game.

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