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Spanish and meaning in satisfaction arabic community and a legal document issued by doctors working in riyadh, place a witness. Flores G, Laws BM, Mayo SJ, Zuckerman B, Abreu M, et al. PROXIMATE CAUSE The act that caused an event to occur.

Australian States and Territories consented to participate in a series of focus groups.

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Also called the complainant.

In some civil cases, and in juvenile proceedings such as a permanent termination of parental rights, an intermediate standard applies, proof by clear and convincing evidence.

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Physical condition of a child indicating that external or internal injuries result from acts committed by a parent or custodian.

Despite the provision of professional interpreters, our findings reinforce the need for HCPs to take into consideration the countries of origin and dialectical differences of Arab cancer survivors when arranging for a professional interpreter to ensure both cultural and linguistic congruence.

Unfortunately, the development of structured quality assurance programmes and ongoing evaluation of health outcomes has lagged behind, leaving limited information on clinical outcomes available for decision making by policy makers.

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The judge has the discretion to deny the challenge.

PRIVILEGED COMMUNICATIONS Confidential communications to certain persons that are protected by law against any disclosure, including forced disclosure in legal proceedings.

The principle of this system of law is that equity will find a way to achieve a lawful result when legal procedure is inadequate. The essence of an affirmative defense is that the plaintiff assumed the known risk of whatever dangerous condition caused the injury. DISPOSITION A final settlement or determination.

INCRIMINATION Acts or declarations by which one implicates oneself in a crime.

English to Persian by two translators fluent in English and Persian, separately, who were not familiar with the original questionnaire.

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The validity and applicability of the Chinese version of the Quebec User Evaluation of Satisfaction with Assistive Technology for oeople with spinal cord injury.

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The program is designed to suit the training and professional requirements of labor market, based on plans designed specifically to serve translators in the Kingdom by competent experts and academics specialized in training translation in various fields. Financial institution must provide is a meaning in court order made by the survey longer sells the client satisfaction at my project? Application of Rasch analysis in health care is increasing and is applied for variable reasons in mobility instruments.

FAIR HEARING A hearing in which certain rights are respected such as the right to present evidence, to cross examine and to have findings supported by evidence.

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