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Joint Venture refers to that kind of business which is formed when two businesses combine together and meet their different skill set to achieve a common business objective.

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Besides the introduction, this paper is structured in six other sections.

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Theoretical or normative papers: they discuss the different accounting solutions and may support one of them and they do not include any empirical studies.

The joint venture is brought into the group accounts on a proportionate line by line basis between sales and net income.

Joint venture example, proportionate consolidation method and proportionate consolidation to be modified or support their operating policies of proportionate consolidation joint venture example by recognizing a new relationship. The nature of these activities ranges from commercial undertakings to provision of community services at no charge. It is precisely this change in the accounting standard about joint venture investments that justifies this research.

The venturer shall recognise in its the assets that it controls and the share of the income that it earns from the sale of goods or services by the joint venture.

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