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Projects that initially disturb less than one acre, but that are part of a plan of development that will ultimately disturb one acre or more, must also obtain coverage before beginning earth disturbance on the first part of the project.

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Thedata shall be collected in a detailed water quality and quantity monitoring program which includes the requirements listed below and has been approved by the Department.

Clean Water Act has required states to identify waters that do not meet water quality standards and publicly report them on a list published every two years.

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Together: We are Pearl! Chincoteague Bay and he wanted to know what was being sprayed. Facilities or persons culturing or raising aquatic organisms in enclosed systems discharging less thamillion gallons per day. Your comment has not yet been posted. Notice of delegation of authority.

Tier II listings shall be made only for those specific characteristics for which monitoring data indicates the water body exceeds numeric water quality criteria or thresholds established under the narrative standards for biocriteria.

Requirements for the Issuance and Reissuanceof Discharge Permits.

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The following terms have the meanings indicated.

Only clean material free of waste metal products, organic material, unsightly debris, toxic substances in toxic amounts, or any other deleterious substance shall be placed.

Department shall assess the applicant for any cost associated with evaluating or reviewing mixing zone studies, variance petitions, sitespecific criteria studies, chemical or biological translator studies, or any other studies submitted as part of an application to determine discharge permit requirements.

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Funding Agency Please list the funding agency for the prime source of funding ie NSF DOE DNR MDE CBT etc Tentative Title Sponsor Deadline.

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Advanced waste treatment may also be required for smaller sewage treatment works where the Department determines that this level of treatment is necessary.

Existing dischargers may base their demonstration upon the absence of prior appreciable harm instead of predictive studies.

PDF version on govinfo. Comments on this document are being accepted at Regulations. After that, the Department may issue an order requiring necessary corrective action be taken within the time prescribedin the order. We may not available reference samples included in mde directed verso paper form provided notice of mde intent forms due on dec. The informational meeting may be cancelled if all persons who made timely written requests withdraw their requests before the meeting. Stormwater Associated with Industrial Activity.

If left blank, mde notice of intent forms provided notice of authority has concerns about environmental monitoring data supporting selfsustaining trout waters?

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