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Why Andhra Schools Reported More COVID-19 Cases than UP, Haryana

While 829 teachers and 575 students tested positive in Andhra, there’s little data for Haryana and UP.

When around 829 teachers and 575 students in the age group of 15-16 tested positive for the novel coronavirus in Andhra Pradesh, just a week after schools in the state were thrown open on 2 November, many were left in shock and disbelief.

After all, the sensitive subject of reopening schools has led to a massive debate between those who felt that the move would put the young at risk and the others who argued that not reopening would send millions out of the education system permanently.

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But while all aspects of this debate are relevant, there’s one question that has continued to baffle many others – Why Andhra Pradesh?

Why have states like Uttar Pradesh and…

Anthony S Rozario

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