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What is dragon fruit? How is it cultivated?

What is dragon fruit? How is it cultivated?


Health NewsDragon fruit is a edible fruit. It is pink in color. It appears over the fiddle of a cactus species. It is a plant growing in a hot climate. After being first discovered in America, it was given the status of a super food. And around the world, they started being used to make food and medicines.

What is dragon fruit? How is it cultivated?

Benefits of dragon fruit

It is used to increase immunity, to decrease cholesterol levels, to increase hemoglobin, for heart disease, for healthy hair, for healthy face, to cure diseases like weight loss and cancer.

Its medicinal properties

Dragon fruit helps to control cholesterol, is beneficial for patients with sugar diabetes, Dragon fruit is rich in fiber, which fills essential nutritional deficiencies in your body, due to its intake of cardiovascular disease (CVD) Is used to protect against serious diseases such as heart attack, dragon fruit has abundant anti-oxidant properties, potassium and vitamin C are abundant in dragon fruit.

Treatment of diseases is also useful

It is beneficial for the human body in the Skin Problme, dangerous diseases like cancer, and hair. It is also used to treat many diseases including diseases like sugar and heart problem. Calories 50 ml, Vitamin B3 (16 ml), Calcium 5 ml, Phospho E juice 5 ml, Vitamin C 5 ml, Iron 9 ml, Carbohydrate 11 g, Protein and fat 4 g, Vitamin B 1 ( 04 ml), Vitamin B2 (05 ml)

What is dragon fruit? How is it cultivated?

How is it cultivated?

Seeds must be of good quality to grow dragon fruit. It is better to have a grafted plant as it takes less time to prepare. It can be sown anytime from March to July. Cultivation and treatment are required regularly after planting. The plant is ready in about a year. It matures from July to October after maturing.

Must be of a certain temperature

For this, the temperature should not be less than 10 degrees and not more than 40 degrees. It can be grown at any temperature in between. For this, no special kind of land is required. It can be grown on any land. It also requires less water.

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