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West Africa country Mali – President Keita resigns after her arrest, says

Mali Crisis: I Don't Want Bloodshed, President Keita Resigns


Mali News – Rebel soldiers have arrested President Ibrahim Bobkar Keita and Prime Minister Baubo Sise at gunpoint in a coup. The President then dissolved the Parliament, resigning. He said that he does not want bloodshed. A video of this has also surfaced. There have been demonstrations in Mali for several days to oust the president.

Four officers behind the rebellion

The Mali army started a revolt from Tuesday morning. Four army officers are being told behind this. The rebel troops were led by Colonel Malik Diao, deputy head of Kati Camp, and Commander General Sadio Kamara. It is believed that this rebellion is related to the pay dispute of soldiers. The presidential residence was cordoned off on Tuesday. Soldiers were openly firing on the streets of Bamako. The rebels arrested several ministers and officers. A government building was set on fire. At the same time, the official TV channel of Mali has also been closed.

Mali president resigns after being arrested by troops- WORLD NEWS SUPERFAST

UN said – release immediately unconditionally

United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres has demanded the unconditional release of the Prime Minister and the President. Simultaneously, African Union Chairman Moses Faki Mahamat tweeted, “I strongly criticize the arrest of the President, Prime Minister and other leaders of the Mali government and demand immediate release.

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