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Video of Alexander Lukashenko Arriving at Presidential Palace With Assault Rifle Emerges Online

Earlier in the day, tens of thousands of people marched across central Minsk during an unauthorised anti-government rally.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko on Sunday arrived at the presidential palace in Minsk by a helicopter and was seen holding an assault rifle in his hands, The Pul Pervogo Telegram channel, which is related to the president’s press office, reported.

Earlier, s Sputnik correspondent said that the helicopter landed on the premises of the presidential palace.

The channel said that Lukashenko arrived at the presidential palace and posted a video where the president was holding the assault rifle. Notably, the rifle did not have a magazine.

Opposition protesters have earlier approached Lukashenko’s residence, which is guarded by riot police.

Another video has been shared, showing Lukashenko walking outside Independence Palace in Minsk, while holding a rifle.

This comes after massive anti-government protests took place in central Minsk earlier on Sunday, with opposition supporters demanding Lukashenko’s resignation and new presidential elections.

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