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USA 2020 Census – Protesters say that the government wants to remove us from the nomination. People living in the US will not be included in this census

Should the Census Omit Counting Unauthorized Immigrants? - Countable


USA NEWS – Now the country census work is going to start in America. But according to the rules, this work has to be done. The politics of protest has started on them. Opposition people say that the government wants to remove us from nomination. People who are illegal in America will not be involved in this murder. This government has been cleared.

2020 Census will not include citizenship question,

Legal action will be taken against fake nomination

Irma Cruz uses her soft voice and reassuring smile to try to persuade the Latino residents of El Paso, Texas, to fill the 2020 census. Civil rights activists point out that being counted as part of the official American population means more money for their families and neighbors, as well as a voice in Congress. Many people living in the historic Segundo Bario neighborhood are busy filling out forms, they tell him. Some do not have the language skills to fill the form, which is only available in English. And many are worried that the government may use the information against them.

LGBTQ activists see hard work ahead despite Supreme Court win ...

American official said – real citizens need not fear, fake citizens will leave the country

“I tell them not to worry, but their data is protected by federal law, but they still worry,” says Cruz, Policy and Civic Engagement Campaign Coordinator for Civil Rights Group, Border Network for Human Rights. “Now this is a kind of emergency. People need to understand how important it is.” For many communities across the nation, especially people of color and people living in rural areas, stones are simple and serious. : Fill the 2020 census or risk a historic undercount that could jeopardize everything from a share in federal funding to $ 1.5 trillion. Representation in Congress.

Instructions to exclude unauthorized immigrants from counting and to complete calls

While historians note that every census count, which occurs every 10 years, has its conflicts, it is a challenge, including the global epidemic, the historic recession and contradictions of President Donald Trump. These include an unsuccessful attempt to add the citizenship question to the census, a memorandum directing the unauthorized immigrants to be excluded from the count and completing the call, as well as instructions to complete the count for four weeks.

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