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US Army Helicopter Attacked Syrian Army, Northeast Army Headquarters Finished



SYRIA NEWS – The war between America and Syria is still going on and it cannot be said how long it will continue. According to information received by the World News Superfast, two US helicopters attacked a Syrian army outpost, killing one soldier and injuring two others. Agency Sana said the incident occurred in northeastern Syria, largely near the town of Kumishli, where an American patrol was prevented from passing through an army outpost on Monday.

US military, bombed

According to information received by World News Superfast, it quoted a military source as saying that military personnel at the outpost prevented an American patrol from “entering the area where one of our military infrastructure is stationed.” Members opened several rounds of fire. Before adding that after about 30 minutes, two American warplanes attacked army personnel at the outpost.

US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces in control

According to information received by the World News Superfast, northeastern Syria is mainly under the control of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, which are teased by Kurdish fighters, but Syrian army forces are deployed in some places under agreement with Kurdish groups is.

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