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United Nations sent investigation team to investigate Mepuche leader’s hunger strike and unrest

Chile's Government from violating human rights


CHILI NEWS – In Chile, citizens are agitating to save land and enterprise. The government wants to crush like this. The United Nations has sent a fact-finding team to Chile’s Arucancia region, where an indigenous Mepuche leader jailed has spent more than 100 days on a hunger strike over his detention during the coronovirus epidemic.

The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) confirmed on Saturday that his team had visited the hospital in the regional capital Temuco, where Celestino Cordova was being treated. They have also visited jails where at least 20 other Mepuche people are on hunger strike.

ACT FOR FREEDOM NOW!: 22 August 2010

Against ancestral landowners and the wood pulp industry

The Mapuche strongly opposed the Spanish conquest of Chile and have been fighting for what they say for decades against the owners of their ancestral lands and the wood pulp industry. Cordova was jailed for 18 years in 2014 for his alleged involvement in the murder of an elderly landowner couple in an arson attack.

He went on a hunger strike for 104 days after COVID-19 rejected the appeal of the courts to transfer his arrest to the house arrest.

Chili Protesters

Police used water canon to break a demonstration in support of Kordova

The case has recently escalated tensions in Chile, which were already high after several months of protests of inequality caused by the epidemic and deepening economic difficulties. There have been protests and arson attacks in Arukenia and elsewhere in the country.

On Friday night in Plaza Italia, Santiago, police used a water canon to break up a demonstration in support of Cordova and made several arrests.

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