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UK coronavirus: calls for U-turn over exam grading crisis intensify – live news

Follow the latest on the coronavirus outbreak in the UK as the government faces pressure over the A-levels and GCSEs exam grading crisis in England and its plans to scrap Public Health England

11.19am BST

The Tory former minister Tracey Crouch has joined calls for A-level students in England to be awarded teacher-assessed grades as the Ofqual algorithm is “flawed”.

Making a statement on Facebook, the Tory MP described the situation as a “mess” and wrote: “Now that it is clear that Ofqual think it is a flawed algorithm we should revert to the teacher grades.

Some think that this would lead to over-inflation – and yes it might – but having spoken to a school head this morning I am confident that most schools have quality-checking processes that would mean very few would be inflated, and if they were, given the world we are currently in, so what? These things have a way of sorting themselves out in the long run.

But if we are going to make the changes, we need to do so today. Reverting to teacher grades isn’t going to solve the crisis, in fact it may well send university admissions into chaos, but it allows A-level students to get the grades their teachers think they deserve and we can move on and focus on Thursday … GCSE results day.

11.10am BST

The Cabinet Office minister Penny Mordaunt says she has “made my views known” on the exams fiasco to her colleagues in the Department for Education.

In a series of tweets, Mordaunt said she was “seeking a further meeting today” with education ministers after speaking with students and parents. She added:

This group of young people have lost out on so much already, we must ensure that bright, capable students can progress on their next step. Delaying a year won’t be an option, and it shouldn’t be an option. For many it will mean falling out of education…I have also made my views on GCSE results known to DfE. Will be posting updates later today.

Been in touch with a large number of students and parents re exam results. Seeking a further meeting today with the Minister. I will be supporting colleges in their appeals, working to ensure those who have the grades on appeal can go to Uni this year if that is what they want..

…am in touch with colleges and will be speaking to those particularly affected later today. Also made my views on the option to sit exams clear, including that there cannot be a fee….

…If you are affected by this and from Portsmouth North, it is helpful to know your college, what you were planning on going on to do, what communication you have had from UCAS or the Uni you were going to.

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