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Try One of These Healthy Habits Each Day This Month

As we hinted last week, our October challenge is an all-around health reset, aiming to help you get all the basics of your health back on track. Today we’re sharing a calendar with something small you can do each day for the next four weeks.

Illustration : Benjamin Currie


Remember, this is not a diet, a punishing workout regimen, or an escalation of increasing demands on your time. It’s an opportunity to revisit different areas of your life and ask whether you’re supporting yourself in a healthy way.


You’ve already done the first thing on the calendar, which is taking stock of needed appointments and preventive care as we discussed a few days ago. (If you’re just joining us, feel free to hop in anytime.) We’ll have another more in-depth assignment for you each weekend, but in the meantime, enjoy these bite- sized health reminders:

Illustration : Benjamin…

Beth Skwarecki

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