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Trump to name US supreme court justice successor by Saturday

The US president to select late Ginsburg’s replacement amid controversy on action ahead of election

US president Donald Trump will name a successor to the late supreme court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg by the end of the week.

In a phone-in interview with breakfast TV show Fox and Friends on Monday, Mr Trump said he was considering five possible nominees, most of whom are “pretty young”. He has already said he will choose a female candidate.

“You like to go young cause they’re there for a long time . . . You can have someone on the bench for 40 or 50 years. These are big decisions,” he said.

A decision on Ms Ginsburg’s successor will be made on Friday or Saturday, the president said, after memorial services for the late justice have taken place.

Ms Ginsburg, who died on Friday, will lie in repose at the supreme court on Wednesday and Thursday and lie in state at the US Capitol on Friday, before a private burial in Arlington National Ceremony.

A political row over the vacancy looked set to dominate the final six weeks of the US presidential campaign but Mr Trump said he would prefer a new supreme court nominee to be approved before the November 3rd election.

“The bottom line is we won the election. We have the obligation to do what’s right and act as quickly as possible,” he said.

As the Senate reconvened in Washington on Monday, Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell paid tribute to Ms Ginsburg as proceedings opened on the Senate floor.

“The legal world is mourning a giant,” he said.

Election year

But he quickly moved to clarify that he would proceed with a vote on Mr Trump’s nomination this year, despite blocking president Barack Obama’s nomination for the court in 2016, citing concerns it was an election year.

“President Trump’s nominee for this vacancy will receive a vote on the floor of the Senate. Already some of the same individuals who tried every single conceivable dirty trick to obstruct Justice Gorsuch and Justice Kavanaugh are lining up,” he said.

“The American people are about to witness an astonishing parade,” he…

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