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‘There is no Indian batsman I’ve ever admired more than Sunil Gavaskar’

Shashi Tharoor stated that he was a huge fan of Sunil Gavaskar’s batting, but less a fan of his captaincy.

View photos Sunil Gavaskar was the first batsman to score over 10,000 runs in Test cricket More

Indian politician Shashi Tharoor recently opened up about the legendary Sunil Gavaskar, and stated that while he is a massive fan of the former Indian skipper’s batting, his captaincy left a lot to be desired.

In an exclusive interview with Indranil Basu on Sportskeeda Cricket’s Facebook page, the former diplomat opined that Sunil Gavaskar was perhaps a tad too cautious as a captain.

Shashi Tharoor said that many games under the original Little Master’s tenure could’ve been won with a little more risk-taking and aggression.

“Sunil Gavaskar, I’m a huge fan of his batting. I was less a fan of his captaincy because he was too cautious in my view as a captain.”

“He drew a few matches that he could have won, he could have gone for a victory but if you look at the scorecards of the Gavaskar era, there were too many matches drawn where India were at a considerable advantage but he would…

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