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The Week in Business: Facebook Cracks Down

Jobs are disappearing again, and stimulus talks look deader than ever.

Don’t Hold Your Breath

If you were clinging to a slim hope of Congress passing what now seems like a mythical pandemic aid package in the coming weeks, you’ll be disappointed by the latest developments, or lack thereof. The dispute over the bill’s contents and costs has gone from a two-front battle (Democrats versus Republicans) to three, with Mr. Trump inserting himself into the conversation with wildly conflicting demands. It’s not exactly fruitful ground for compromise, and that’s bad news for the millions of Americans who are slipping into poverty as unemployment checks dwindle.

Image Credit… Giacomo Bagnara

What’s Next? (Oct. 18-24)

Mask Training

As we head into the holiday season, stores are preparing for a new challenge: disputes over mask-wearing and social distancing policies (yes, still). To help workers enforce rules for customer safety, the National Retail Federation, the country’s biggest retail trade group, has partnered with the Crisis Prevention Institute to provide de-escalation training for retail employees. And it’s…

Charlotte Cowles

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