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The Blacklist season 8 premiere recap: Paint it black

Liz has officially gone to the dark side… which is a lot sadder, and a little less exciting, than one might expect a dark side to be.

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We were told in The Blacklist season 7 finale, as her coat billowed in the wind like a supervillain’s cape and the Rolling Stones played appropriately overhead, that Elizabeth Keen had officially broken bad. We were told explicitly that Liz was finally choosing to “embrace” the darkness as one more good part of her was chipped away, and then another, and then another, until all that was left is someone who takes what she wants. And what Elizabeth wants is answers.

But after watching the season 8 premiere on Friday night, it seems a lot less like Liz is embracing her inner darkness, and much more like she’s… resigned to it. When Liz made her darkest, absolutely wildest move of the episode — ahem, she kissed Ressler in order to take his gun, shortly after betraying the entire Task Force and willfully sabotaging an FBI investigation — she did it with all the energy of a teenager flipping the bird to a closed door after being told to clean her room. Liz is going through the motions of betraying Red and everyone who cares about her in exchange for (potentially) getting the answer she craves, but let’s face it: Her heart doesn’t really seem in it.

I’ll admit that the season 8 premiere was a bit of a downer in comparison to past premieres (I mean, the main action sequence featured Liz quietly sobbing as she gingerly drove her elderly grandfather around town), but after season 7 was cut short due to…

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