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‘The Batman’ has ‘Taxi Driver’ influence just like ‘Joker’ Matt Reeves reveals

‘I’m vengeance,’ Robert Pattinson says in this first teaser trailer. We believe him.

Well, it was worth waiting for. DC FanDome’s closing panel was for The Batman, and it turns out they’d saved the best for last. If this isn’t the trailer of the year, we’ll eat our cape and cowl.

The first thrilling footage from Matt Reeves’ movie looks absolutely astonishing. Over the sounds of a chilling version of Nirvana’s sombre ‘Something In The Way’, we get a Gotham that looks like it combines Chris Nolan’s realism with Tim Burton’s epic scale, creating a world that feels familiar and fresh at once.

You can watch the trailer below

Forget ‘I’m Batman,’ there’s a new catchphrase in town: ‘I’m vengeance,’ when Robert Pattinson lays down a brutal beating to a face-painted thug, who looks like he could be inspired by Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

That’s probably too much to hope for, but Matt Reeves’ take on the mythology showcased in this trailer doesn’t feel a million miles away from Todd Phillips’ grim universe.

And Reeves revealed The Batman actually shares cinematic influence with Joker, when he discussed the films that had an impact on his take. “A movie like Taxi Driver, a description of a place very much getting inside someone’s head. ’70s, street-grounded stories.”

There’s also a David Fincher feel to the footage, something Twitter cineastes have been quick to pick up on.

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Seven could actually be a great comparison for Reeves’ film, because this is a brutal Batman, and a scary one. “Because it’s still early, and because he is a vigilante, which means he takes the law into his own hands,” Reeves said.

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