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Terrorists attack in Philippines, two different places, 5 soldiers and 6 civilians killed, more than 35 people injured, Pakistani ISI suspected

Officials Suspect Islamic Terrorists in Philippine Cathedral Bombing


Philippines News – There is a bad news on Monday from the Philippines, where terrorists attacked two places. 11 people were reported killed in two terrorist attacks in Jolo province of the Philippines on Monday afternoon. The death toll could rise as more than 35 people have been reported injured. Some of these are in critical condition. Five soldiers and 6 civilians are among those killed. The injured have more soldiers.

How was the attack

According to police, the incident took place in Sulu, a Muslim-dominated area of ​​Jolo province. These attacks occurred on two roads here. In the first attack, an IED was placed on the bike. Five soldiers and five civilians were killed in the blast. 15 people were injured. Most of them are soldiers. The second attack was carried out by the female fidayeen at a distance of about 200 meters. He blew himself up. It killed one person and injured 18 people.

Only soldiers were on target

Some media reports in the Philippines have stated that the attackers were the only target of the soldiers. A few kilometers from here is the military base. Carts of soldiers keep coming. Military shopping in the market

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