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Tai Tuivasa necks beer and SPIT from a SHOE to celebrate his KO win over Stefan Struve

Tuivasa was in jubilant form backstage after his victory and celebrating with Canadian YouTube group Nelk, the Australian heavyweight chugged beer poured into a show, as well as spit.

Tai Tuivasa celebrated his devastating knockout win against Stefan Struve at UFC 254 by necking a shoe of beer and spit on Saturday night.

The heavyweight, who was on a three-fight losing streak beforehand, won via knockout in the first round against Struve and was evidently ecstatic in the aftermath.

The Australian was in jubilant form backstage and celebrating with Canadian group Nelk, Tuivasa chugged a shoe full of beer and spit after shouting ‘Shout-out to the UFC, let’s go!’ with the YouTube group following suit.

Tai Tuivasa celebrated after his win at UFC 254 by chugging a shoe full of beer and spit

The Australian was in ecstatic form and necked the beer and spit next to his team backstage

Straight after the fight, Tuivasa…

By Kieran Jackson For Mailonline

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