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Stockholm City Hall transformed into vaccination centre

Stockholm’s City Hall is known by many for hosting grand ceremonies – including the Nobel Prize award banquet each year.

However, it has taken on a whole new role – as a vaccination centre.

Charlotta Zacharias is a doctor at Vaccin Direkt, helping to organise the inoculations there.

“We were very fortunate to have this hall to vaccinate, it’s very big so we can vaccinate many so we’re really, really happy that we have the opportunity to be here, it’s historic,” she said.

Medical staff from Altencare are receiving their vaccinations at the venue – more than 800 employees in total.

One healthcare worker described how she felt to be vaccinated at the Hall.

“Being vaccinated in City Hall was very nice, with the high ceilings, airy and pleasant. I’d never been up there,” Anneli Ljungqvist said.

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