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Space Asteroid News – Asteroid closest to Earth, NASA revealed the incident

NASA Identifies a Dangerous Asteroid -


Nasa News – According to an incident in space, one of the closest to Earth has passed through an asteroid. This asteroid originated 1830 mi 2950 km) above the Indian Ocean. The US space agency NASA has informed about it on Tuesday. The name of this asteroid is ‘2020 QG’. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) said that even if it came in contact with the Earth, there would be no harm.

Had a speed of 12.3 kmph

According to information received by World News Superfast, NASA has made a video of it. From which its speed was estimated. The size of the asteroid was about 10 to 20 feet (three to 6 meters). At around 9.30 am on Sunday, it came out over the Indian Ocean. It had a top speed of about eight miles per second (12.3 kilometers per second). It passed through the Earth’s orbit, where most of the telecommunications satellites roam.

It did not affect the earth

NASA also said that this esteroid had no effect on the Earth. It has been far from the earth. It was an astronomical event.


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