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Simon Cowell is finally ‘feeling great’ after e-bike accident

Simon Cowell has reportedly been doing very well with his recovery plan and can now walk about

Britain’s Got Talent star Simon Cowell is one of the most beloved and hated TV personalities ever to grace singing competitions across continents, however, with his e-bike accident having left him bed-bound, the judge was advised total bed rest and an extensive back surgery option to fix his damaged vertebrae.

For the unversed, the TV star was rushed over to the hospital near the start of August following a major e-bike accident. As a result of it all, he was also left bed-bound and in an immeasurable amount of pain.

A source discussed Cowell’s recovery at length during their interview with MailOnline and was quoted saying, “Simon was advised not to fly back to the final [of Britain’s Got Talent] by doctors. He is walking a lot and swimming and…

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