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Scotland has highest number of new coronavirus cases in 17 weeks

Nicola Sturgeon said this ‘reflects the substantial opening up of the economy’

Scotland has recorded 208 new coronavirus cases – the highest daily increase in positive tests for more than 17 weeks.

The last time more people tested positive for Covid-19 was May 8, when there were 225 new cases of infection.

The increase, up from Saturday’s figure of 141 people, takes the weekly total of confirmed infections to 1,079 – the most over a seven-day period since May 6.

No new deaths have been registered, according to the Scottish Government.

The 208 positive cases account for 2.3% of the 18,418 tests carried out.

Commenting on the rising numbers of confirmed cases, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon tweeted: “Today’s numbers show a continued increase, including in % positive.

“While this reflects the substantial opening up of the economy, it reminds us of the need to deploy strong counter measures.

“We have two main tools at our disposal.

“One of these tools is Test and Protect – it is working well and so far reaching well over 90% of positive cases and close contacts.

“Within (the) next few days we will launch a major enhancement – the Protect Scotland app – which will allow us to reach a wider range of contacts.

“Our other main tool – indeed our first line of defence – is ourselves. As we are all out and about more, we must take greater care on face coverings, hygiene, distance.

“Please take this opportunity to think how you could tighten up on the #FACTS rules.

“So far the rise in cases is not matched by a rise in hospital/ICU…

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