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Scientists discover possible signs of life on glittering planet Venus

Scientists have speculated for decades that Venus clouds might provide habitation to free-floating…

Guwahati: Venus, the Earth’s sister planet, has had a love-hate relationship with scientists when it comes to exploration. Now, new results suggest the presence of a signal of potential habitability on Venus. An international team of scientists uncovered substantial evidence of microbial life in the clouds of Venus in the form of an uncommon molecule known as phosphine.

The scientist community across the world has now become ecstatic after the discovery of Phosphine gas on Venus, which could signal at the presence of life on the glittering planet. The phosphine gas is generally toxic with a garlic-like smell and is found in the bodies of living beings on earth. This particular gas has also been used by terrorists as a chemical agent in warfare. As per reports, the phosphine gas has been detected on the clouds of Venus, away from the surface of the planet.

This discovery has come as a mild surprise as the Venusian atmosphere is generally considered to be untenable for the existence of life. Oftentimes, temperatures during the day can reach as high as 460 degrees Celsius, with sulphuric acid clouds hanging in the air.

On Earth, phosphine gas is released by microbes in oxygen-starved environments, such as lakeā€¦

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