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SCIENCE! AOC uses possibility of 2 hurricanes in Gulf at same time to mock those who think Green New Deal ‘goes too far’

NOW how much would you pay?

Meteorologists are now predicting that two hurricanes could eventually end up in the Gulf of Mexico at the same time, possibly eventually as category one storms. They are currently both tropical storms heading towards the Gulf.

With that, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spotted another opportunity to try and close the sale on the Green New Deal:

Talk to me again about how a Green New Deal “goes too far to address the problem” — Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (@AOC) August 22, 2020

Heh. “”

The Green New Deal has nothing to do with hurricanes or the climate. Your old handler already admitted it was a socialist takeover and not “environmentalism.” — Dan 🇺🇸 (@danieltobin) August 22, 2020

So what I wonder here is, is she actually ignorant enough to think that ANY policy response — literally any single one, include universal genocide of the whole human race — would change this, or if she’s just shitposting to please her rube audience. — Jeff B., now with 50% more annoyingness (@EsotericCD) August 22, 2020

We have a guess as to the answer.

Socialism will stop the Hurricanes. — Stephen L. Miller (@redsteeze) August 22, 2020

The Green New Deal will also prevent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and solar eclipses. — Fusilli Spock (@awstar11) August 22, 2020

Just hand lefties like AOC all the money in the world and somehow…

Doug P.

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