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Scavengers Mixes a Bit of Everything for Something Totally New

Former Halo developers’ new shooter blends a lot of familiar elements into something really promising.

This is the second time I’ve played Scavengers , the third-person PvEvP “co-opetition” shooter from Midwinter Entertainment, led by Halo veterans Josh Holmes and Mary Olson. The first time, I came away very impressed with the mix of gameplay on offer. In its most basic form, Scavengers is a more evolved version of Halo’s Warzone Firefight – building off of its large-scale player-versus-player-versus-enemy formula with a fleshed-out world, a lot more players, and crafting elements. This second play session over a year later showed off a few smart design improvements and left me even more convinced that Scavengers could be exactly what players burned out on either battle royale games or traditional arena shooters are looking for, because it’s a refreshing mix of both.

Scavengers – September 2020 Screenshots 5 IMAGES


The biggest and most obvious change is the sheer scale of the game now. Scavengers is up to 60 players per match – in 20 teams of three – which has necessitated an upscale of the frozen, post-apocalyptic Earth play spaces as well. You’ll now battle in a nine square kilometer tundra (with occasional storms that necessitate you keeping yourself warm to survive), and there are more AI foes to contend with as well. In my experience, it felt pretty good – not too big or too small. We saw other groups of players around that we needed to keep an eye out for, but as we weren’t looking for a fight, we had enough distance that we weren’t forced to duke it out with them. Though we were nevertheless close enough that we most definitely could’ve if we’d wanted to.And you just might want to, in fact. Another new addition to Scavengers since I last played it is the ability to bank resources. See, the whole goal of the match is to, yes, scavenge as many resources as possible and bring them back to Mother, the AI that runs the orbiting ship the remnants of humanity live aboard after an ice comet brought the Scourge, a virus that’s mutated many…

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