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Samsung Galaxy S30 could actually be named the Galaxy S21

We’ve been calling Samsung’s early-2021 flagship the Galaxy S30, but a leak suggests it may be the Galaxy S21.

When Samsung’s Galaxy S series reached its tenth iteration with the S10 we thought the successor would be named the Galaxy S11 – but it turned out to be the Galaxy S20. Now, many have been assuming the next handset in the line would be the Galaxy S30, but a reputable leaker has referred to it as the Galaxy S21.

This leaker is @UniverseIce, who has a pretty solid track record of smartphone leaks, especially regarding Samsung products – and they’re the first big leaker who correctly predicted the name of the Galaxy S20.

In a tweet, @UniverseIce simply stated ‘Galaxy S21, Project”U”‘. While it’s clear what the first part of the message means – the new phones will, according to the leaker, be called the Galaxy S21 – the latter half isn’t as clear.

It’s not likely the internal codename for the phone, as Samsung typically uses art-related terms for this – the Galaxy Note 10 was codenamed Da Vinci for example – and while ‘U’ could be referring to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, UniverseIce also did that in a separate tweet, so we can’t know for sure.

That separate tweet regarding the Galaxy S21 Ultra simply names it, as well as stating it’ll have a…

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