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Russian city’s rivers run RED from mystery pollution as ducks refuse to swim in the ‘toxic’ water

The Iskitimka River in Russia’s Siberian Kemerovo region has turned bright red, baffling residents and repelling ducks as local officials seek the cause of the apparent pollution.

Another river in Russia has turned beetroot red after a major incidence of contamination by a mystery pollutant.

As officials in the Siberian Kemerovo region sought the cause of the spillage, locals said ducks were refusing to swim in the ‘toxic water.’

The alarming discolouration of the Iskitimka River provoked worries from residents in the industrial Kemerovo city, which the river flows through.

The Iskitimka River in Russia’s Siberian region of Kemerovo has suddenly turned red

‘It’s like borscht soup, but probably‚Ķ

By Will Stewart For Mail Online

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