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Ricky Ponting’s invocation of the spirit of the game about Ashwin’s Mankading is the epitome of irony

Ricky Ponting played the game hard and did not seem to particularly care about the spirit of the game in his unending quest for victory.

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“Only one team was playing with the spirit of the game”. This is what Ricky Ponting’s opposing captain Anil Kumble had to say at the post match press conference after the infamous Sydney Test of India’s 2007-08 tour Down Under. One need not provide clarification as to which team the Indian skipper was referring to.

Mankading: A never ending debate

Fast forward to the present day, when Ricky Ponting, in his current capacity as the coach of the Delhi Capitals, says that he plans to have a “hard conversation” with their new recruit Ravichandran Ashwin about the off spinner’s act of running Jos Buttler out at the non-striker’s end in the previous edition of the IPL.

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The incident which brought Ashwin a lot of scrutiny last year has always been a topic of debate in cricketing circles with the fraternity divided in two halves.

While one faction believes that the bowler is well within his rights to run out the non-striker who is outside his crease and looking to gain undue advantage, the other argues that the act goes against the spirit of the gentleman’s game.

However, the one body that is not divided and whose opinion actually matters is the Marylebone Cricket Club World Cricket Committee which governs the laws of the game and brings about amendments to them from time to time.

A non-striker who is out of his crease before the point of release is…

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