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Republican National Committee Accuses Twitter of Illegal Support for Biden


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Twitter and Facebook recently curbed the circulation of a New York Post exposé on Hunter Biden’s business dealings abroad, possibly involving his father, former US Vice President Joe Biden.

The Republican National Committee has lodged a complaint with the Federal Election Commission accusing Twitter of violating the law by providing “in-kind contributions to Biden for President”, Fox News reported, citing the exclusively-obtained complaint.

According to the document, Twitter is “a partisan actor, run by partisan Democrats” and is “using its corporate resources to provide active support for Joe Biden’s campaign in violation of federal law”.

“Through its ad hoc, partisan oppression of media critical of Biden, [Twitter] is making illegal, corporate in-kind contributions as it provides unheard-of media services for Joe Biden’s campaign”, the complaint read.

On Wednesday, the New York Post published two emails from Vadym Pozharskyi, an adviser to the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, to Hunter Biden. In one of the emails, Pozharskyi thanked him for arranging a meeting with his father, while in the other, the representative of the Ukrainian company asked Hunter to think about how he could use his influence to support the company. If true, these emails contradict Joe Biden’s statements that he had nothing to do with his son’s cooperation with Burisma.

Biden’s campaign has denied that any such meeting took place, as have several of his former top advisers.

Soon after the article was published, Twitter and Facebook moved to limit the circulation of the piece on their platforms. Facebook stated that it needed to carry out additional fact-checking, while Twitter said the publication contradicted its privacy policy, as the article contained personal information.

After users rushed to complain about the inaccessibility of the article, Twitter said it would start labelling tweets to provide context rather than blocking them.

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