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Republican Delegates Flock to Charlotte Convention to Renominate President Trump

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It’s not the convention people will see on television next week. But Republicans are staging a truncated gathering in Charlotte to renominate President Trump.

But once they have entered the safe zone, delegates in town said they are here to experience a little slice of life as it used to be.

“I’ve been looking forward to this for months,” said Henry Barbour of Yazoo City, Miss., whose uncle is the former Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour. “I want to be part of this. For those of us who are really engaged, this is a reward.”

He said that attending the convention in person was a story he planned to feast on for years to come. “My dad went to the convention in ’68 and I heard about it all my life. It’s an honor.”

The Democrats decided not to go to Milwaukee, where their convention was originally set to take place, going all virtual instead. But Mr. Barbour, who drove nine hours to Charlotte, said an in-person gathering was critical at theā€¦

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