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Renault Group Appoints Mohamed Bennani As New Director in Morocco

The Renault group has appointed Mohamed Bennani as the managing director in Morocco as part of restructuring the brand.

On the group’s Facebook page the post reads, “We welcome Mohamed Bennani as the new General Manager of the Renault brand in Morocco.”

The strategy of Bennani’s appointment is to help revamp the Renault brand with its latest “Renaulution” policy in Morocco, and to expand its commercial operations.

Bennani has held several roles within the Renault group one of such is his expertise in engineering and his vast knowledge mostly in the group’s products.

Bennani graduated from the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Mecanique et des Microtechniques of Besancon and has an MBA in INSEAD one of the world’s leading and largest graduate business schools

He had held several positions in countries such as Italy, the Gulf nations, France, South Africa and Dubai as the director of sales and network performance for AMI pacific.

In 1989, Bennani joined the Renault group professionally as an engineer, became a customer director of Renault in Italy in 1999, then moved to Paris in 2004 to work as a customer and e-commerce director of Renault.

In 2007, Bennani moved to Dubai as Renault and Iraq’s Managing Director.

While in Morocco, Bennani worked as a director of sales and network in 2011 before moving to South Africa in 2018 to continue working as a sales and network director.

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