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Reality TV Stars and Parents-to-Be Deonna McNeill and Greg Okotie Finally Meet Their Match in Petal

In preparation for parenthood, couple announces first extended brand partnership with Petal

Less than two years ago, Deonna McNeill and Greg Okotie took a leap of faith and got married in a most unconventional way. As newlyweds who have recently launched their own apparel line, they have quickly and adeptly transitioned to their new normal as business owners and celebrities.

As newly expecting parents-to-be, however, they are fast realizing the many challenges and tough decisions that lie ahead. Over the past few days, Deonna and Greg have been engaged in serious conversations about their future.

Fresh off the announcement that they are expecting, the couple is excited to announce their first brand partnership with Petal, a revolutionary new disposal device that eliminates stink and neutralizes germs from dirty diapers, food scraps, and more, simply by freezing them. The proceeds from this partnership will directly fund the outfitting of the couple’s nursery with additional proceeds supporting an education fund for ‘Baby O’.

Deonna on why they’ve chosen to partner with Petal:

“From our very first interaction, it was immediately clear to both Greg and I that our values really aligned with Christie’s (Zwahlen) and David’s (Taffet). We couldn’t be any more excited to be partnering with fellow…

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