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Public war against terrorism – Mali President Ibrahim Bobakar Keita arrested by rebel soldiers



AFRICA MALI NEWS – The coup attempt in the West African country began on Tuesday morning by firing at a military camp near the capital Bamako. The youth set fire to government buildings in the city. After this, senior commanders were also taken hostage by angry soldiers from the government. Also took control of the Kati Camp located 15 km from Bamako.

Demand for resignation from President

The rebellion has been condemned by the African Union and local group ECOWAS. Rebel soldiers are demanding the president’s resignation. According to BBC Africa’s report, the rebel troops were led by Colonel Malik Diao, deputy head of the Kati Camp, and Commander General Sadio Kamara.

Rebellion is over salary dispute

The rebels marched into the capital after capturing the Kati camp. In the afternoon he stormed the residence of President Keita and arrested the President and the Prime Minister. Both were there at that time. The reason for this move is not clear. Some reports have said that this rebellion is over the salary dispute.

UN chief condemns Mali’s arrest

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres condemned the arrest of Keita and members of the government, with Stephen Dujarric saying in a statement that his immediate release was sought. The troops were expected to make a statement later in the day, while countries in West Africa together with the former colonial power France, the European Union and the African Union condemned the soldiers’ actions and warned against any unconstitutional change of power.

UN Security Council to hold Mali meeting

The United Nations Security Council will hold an emergency meeting on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the current situation in Mali. The session was requested by France and Niger and will take place behind closed doors, a senior UN diplomat told news agency AFP on condition of anonymity. Uncertainty in Mali as the UN calls for the release of AU officials and opposition protesters take to the streets again.

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