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Poor Checking of EVM-VVPAT in 2019 General Polls: Engineers Reveal

By hiring & removing contractual engineers to handle EVM-VVPAT, isn’t ECIL putting elections at serious risk?

“”Contracted engineers could leak information about the design of EVMs and VVPATs. They could also leak key information about the planning and conduct of elections. If a company feels that Suresh (name changed) has the knowledge and we can also manufacture EVMs, they will employ more such engineers, create a whole team, and start manufacturing EVMs. This would make the whole election process vulnerable.”” – Suresh (name changed), Fmr Contracted ECIL Engineer

That’s the view of an engineer who worked on contract with ECIL or Electronics Corporation of India Limited, a Public Sector Unit or PSU, that manufactures EVM and VVPAT machines for the Election Commission or EC.

Speaking to The Quint on the condition of anonymity, he reveals how engaging private engineers poses serious security risks to India’s election process.

In August 2019, The Quint had shown how the EC had hired engineers on contract basis, to handle EVM and VVPAT machines for State Elections and the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, through a private company – T&M Services Consulting Private Limited.

We also showed that T&M Services was not even empanelled by the EC to hire engineers on contract.

At that time the EC said,”ECIL has reconfirmed that they have not employed any engineers from outside.”

But the private engineer we spoke to, showed us his ECIL contract – we can see he was hired in November 2018 as Junior Technical officer, just before the 2019 General Elections.

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“ECIL Prohibited Us From Revealing That We Were On Contract” “”We were trained a little bit by…

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