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Polish president takes step back on abortion amid protests

Polish President Andrzej Duda partially broke ranks with the country’s conservative leadership Thursday and said he thinks women should have the right to abortion when they are carrying fetuses with fatal birth defects.


The view Duda expressed during a radio interview runs counter to the one held by senior politicians who pushed successfully for a ban on all abortions due to congenital abnormalities, leading to a week of mass street protests.

“It cannot be that the law requires this kind of heroism from a woman,” Duda said in an interview with radio RMF FM. The president said he still favours outlawing abortion in cases of fetuses with non-lethal congenital defects.

He spoke after seven days of nationwide protests following a court ruling that declared it unconstitutional to terminate a pregnancy due to fetal defects. The ruling effectively bans almost all abortions in a country that already had one of Europe’s most restrictive abortion laws.

Deep divisions that had been brewing for a long time in Poland are now erupting on theā€¦

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