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A memory allocator that automatically reduces the memory footprint of C/C++ applications. – plasma-umass/Mesh

Mesh: Compacting Memory Management for C/C++

Mesh is a drop in replacement for malloc(3) that can transparently recover from memory fragmentation without any changes to application code.

Mesh is described in detail in a paper (PDF) that appeared at PLDI 2019.

Or watch this talk by Bobby Powers at Strange Loop:

Mesh runs on Linux and macOS. Windows is a work in progress.

Mesh uses bazel as a build system, but wraps it in a Makefile, and has no runtime dependencies other than libc:

$ git clone $ cd mesh $ make; sudo make install # example: run git with mesh as its allocator: $ git status

Please open an issue if you have questions (or issues)!

But will it blend?

If you run a program linked against mesh (or with Mesh LD_PRELOAD ed), setting the variable MALLOCSTATS=1 will instruct mesh to print a summary at exit:

$ MALLOCSTATS=1 ./bin/redis-server-mesh ./redis.conf 25216:C 11 Mar 20:27:12.050 # oO0OoO0OoO0Oo Redis is starting oO0OoO0OoO0Oo 25216:C 11 Mar 20:27:12.050 #…

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