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People flock to govt stores to buy onions at reduced prices in Nepal

Kathmandu [Nepal], September 29 (ANI): Amid rising prices of onions in the retail market, residents of Kathmandu on Monday afternoon flocked the Food Management and Trading Company (FMTC) to buy onions for Nrs. 60 per kilogram.

The price of onions has skyrocketed after India halted its export that now stands at least Nrs. 120 in the local market per kilogram. The state-owned trading entity is selling the onions that were seized from the black-marketers inside various locations of Kathmandu about two weeks ago.

“Onions were seized from black marketers while conducting raids by District Administration Office which has been handed over to us. A total of one hundred 46 quintals and 59 kilograms of onion are being sold off from here which is on sale since last Friday. We have come to know that the price is comparatively high in the market and we are selling those seized from the market for black-marketing at Nrs. 60 per kilogram fixing quota of three kilograms per person,” said Rana Bahadur Budhathoki, Chief of FMTC, Bagmati Province Sales Department.

Fifty-two rupees from sales of onion from the state-owned trading entity will go to the national treasury while the FMTC will take the remaining Nrs. 8 as handling charge in due course of sell-off.

“The price of onion is high in the retail market,…


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