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Passenger opens plane door to walk on wing because cabin was ‘too hot’

Passenger opens plane door to walk on wing because cabin was ‘too hot’ | Video

An over-heated mum who decided to stroll along a plane’s wing to “cool off” has been blacklisted by fuming officials.

Woman walks onto aeroplane wing after complaining she’s ‘too hot’

A woman who claimed a plane was too hot so stepped out onto the aircraft’s wing to “cool off” has been banned by the airline.

Ukraine International Airlines said the woman “opened the emergency exit and went on to its wing” moments after landing at Kiev from Turkey.

She opened an emergency exit on the Boeing 737-86N and climbed onto the wing “to get some air”, according to reports.

The mother-of-two was said to be “too hot” after landing on a flight Antalya, Turkey.

Videos show her casually strolling along the wing before climbing back inside the cabin to rejoin her family.

A returning holiday-maker told reporters: “The aircraft landed and almost all the passengers got off.

“She walked almost all the way from the tail to the emergency exit row, opened the door and went out.

“By that time her two children were outside the plane and standing right next to me.

“They were surprised, saying, ‘That’s our mum!'”

The pilot called for an ambulance, police and border guards.

The woman – who climbed safely back inside the plane herself – told police she was too hot, it was reported.

Tests showed she…

Debbie White and Will Stewart, The Sun

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