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Paragon Hard Disk Manager review

An all-in-one suite of tools for maintaining hard drive health

Paragon Hard Disk Manager has all the tools to protect, maintain, and manage your PCs’ hard disks

Known for being among the best disk cloning software packages available, Paragon Hard Disk Manager is a suite of software tools that will help you clone disks, create backups, manage partitions, and migrate data to another PC or even a USB flash drive.

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In this Paragon Hard Disk Manager review, we’ll cover its plans and pricing, features, interface, and how easy it is to use.

Purchasing multiple licenses for home use will get you a small discount on each one (Image credit: Paragon Software)

Plans and pricing

Paragon Hard Disk Manager is available for both home and business use. For home use, the software is called Hard Disk Manager Advanced, and you can purchase one license that covers up to three PCs for $79.95. If you purchase three or four licenses, the price per license drops by $5 to $74.95. If you purchase five licenses or more, it drops to $69.95.

The business version of the software is known as Hard Disk Manager for Business and comes with four different plans. Covering a single workstation will cost $99 for a perpetual license, with one year of technical support included. For a single server, the price is $499.

The range of prices for Paragon Hard Disk Manager™ for Business varies by license (Image credit: Paragon Software)

The range of prices for Paragon Hard Disk Manager for Business varies by license.

A Technician license costs $599 and will cover multiple devices, but the software can only be used on one device at a time. The Enterprise license at $899 can cover multiple devices being used concurrently. There is also a 30-day free trial for the business version of the software.

Paragon Hard Disk Manager has many features (Image credit: Paragon Software)


Paragon Hard Disk Manager will work with Windows operating systems from Windows 7 and up and has features in three…

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