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Pakistani religious terror – Sikh girl got converted in Pakistan, warns of murder of family on protest

Pakistani religious terror - Sikh girl got converted in Pakistan, warns of murder of family on protest - WORLD NEWS SUPERFAST


Pakistan News – A girl Jagjit Kor was tortured for conversion to Pakistan. Her family has been warned of murder. The girl was forcibly married to a Muslim youth. Jagjit Kaur lives with her family in Nankana Sahib. Her husband Mohammad Hasan is her neighbor. Jagjit’s father is a Sikh priest. In August last year, Jagjit’s family alleged that Mohammad Hasan first kidnapped her daughter, then married and later converted her. After conversion, Jagjit was named Ayesha.

FIR lodged against the accused

According to information received by World News Superfast, Jagjit Kaur’s family lodged an FIR against Mohammad Hasan and his family. The matter reached the High Court. Jagjit was placed in the shelter home. Jagjit’s family said that his daughter is a minor, who is 15 years old. He had also presented the school certificate as evidence. However, Mohammad Hasan’s lawyer presented the records of the National Database and Registration Authority, according to which Jagjit was 19 years old.

Home Minister Brigadier Ejaz Ahmed Shah also promised to resolve the matter

Jagjit’s family had requested the government to return his daughter. In this case Pakistan’s Interior Minister Brigadier Ejaz Ahmad Shah also promised to resolve the matter. Ejaz Shah himself comes from Nankana Sahib. This whole matter was discussed not only in Pakistan, but also in many countries of the world including India. People from the Sikh community across the world expressed their displeasure over this and demanded justice for Jagjit. However, Jagjit himself said in court that he married Hasan on his own free will and accepted Islam. She said that she wants to live with her husband.

ISI plays a major role in this

According to information received by the World News Superfast, the Lahore High Court ruled on the Jagjit case on 12 August. According to the verdict, Jagjit Kaur alias Ayesha will leave the shelter home with her Muslim husband Mohammad Hasan. Frustrated with the decision, people in the Sikh community of Pakistan have now called for help from overseas Indians. Jagjit’s family is talking about taking this decision to the Supreme Court saying that he has been cheated. At the same time, Khalistani thinker of Pakistan Gopal Singh Chawla did not even come forward on this whole matter. Chawla’s silence tells that he has become a mere puppet of ISI.

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