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Opposition to Islam in China

Public Toilet Erected on Former Site of Razed Xinjiang Village ...


Beijing News – Government’s efforts are on to change the culture of Uygar Muslims in China’s Xinjiang Province. Even after demolishing a mosque in Atush, a public toilet has been opened in its place. The Chinese Communist Party government has been accused of aggressively trying to convert Muslims in Xinjiang into Chinese civilization instead of Islam.

The mosque was demolished in 2018

A campaign was also launched in 2016 under which two mosques were demolished in Sungag village of Atush. One of them was Tokul Mosque. According to Radio Free Asia, a local official has informed that a public toilet has been built in its place. The news portal has reported that a Uighar official has told that the Tokul Mosque was demolished in 2018 and Han comrades have built toilets in its place. It has not started operating yet.

new evidence of China's mission to raze the mosques of ...

Uigar civilization targeted

The official has said that there is no problem of toilets in the homes of people in the area, nor do more people come from outside for whom it is needed. It is believed that this work has been done under the campaign against the civilization of Uygar Muslims.

 Crosses were taken from the Christian Church

The cross was also removed from the church in China. The placing of pictures of the Bible and Jesus has been banned. America opposed it.

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