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On the US minister's visit to Taiwan, China said – This is a politics of appearances.



American expert said – Washington did not want to provoke Beijing to the point that it could provoke a military conflict, ‘the academic says. Beijing did not say anything during the minister’s visit at first, but later, he clearly said that it is happening like a court. US Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar visited Taiwan. China said to media – carefully managed not to disturb Beijing unnecessarily, while still showing Washington’s support for a growing self-governing island.

Azar is the highest ranking officer to visit since 1979

American observers said – regardless of travel time, and the fact that Azar is the highest-ranking official to visit since 1979, Wang Kung-wai, a political-science professor at the University of Chinese Culture in Taipei, said the US fight Didn’t want to start “Washington did not want to provoke Beijing to provoke a military conflict,” he said. “Azar’s journey was carefully managed to avoid crossing, sending the Health Secretary instead of the Secretary of State or Defense


Use of travel to increase election prospects

China’s Wang said that Azar was well aware of sending statements to Taipei that he was making statements to Chinese leaders, while trying to incite US voters to vote in November, Wang said. “Trump tried to drum up support at home and use the trip to increase his chances of re-election,” he said.

Azar’s visit only public health cooperation with the island

Wang said, but did not threaten any counter-attack – perhaps intended to have the opposite effect. In an interview on Monday, Trump said he had no plans to visit Taiwan before the end of the year and Azar’s visit was only to strengthen public health cooperation with the island.

China’s “recklessness and aggression with the virus

Asked whether China, like Japan, South Korea or even Taiwan, should acquire nuclear weapons or hypersonic missiles, given China’s “recklessness with the virus and its aggression”, Trump said: “Well Hai, I am not going. Suggest anything, but I will tell you that it causes problems. According to the Ministry of Defense in Taipei, Azar called on Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen, People’s Liberation Army – China on Monday Army – flew war planes into Taiwan’s air defense detection zone.

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