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Obama expected to denounce Trump's 'cynical moves' on mail-in voting – US politics live

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While the national 7-day average number of new daily coronavirus cases has been steadily dropping, that isn’t the case for every state. California is recording an average of around 7,750 new cases per day, which is up 4% from two weeks earlier.

Vivian Ho has been in Fresno for us, reporting on how mixed messaging on Covid battered California’s Central Valley

“It’s really in some ways a failure that we as a community have allowed this epidemic to get this far,” said Dr Rais Vohra, the county’s interim health officer. At the root of this failure, according to community advocates and residents, lies a polarizing rightwing, anti-establishment sensibility that runs deep through the Central Valley – a sensibility, they said, encouraged by the messaging in the actions, or lack thereof, of local leaders during the pandemic.

The tale of two cities in Fresno has bloomed into a tale of two Americas. “The best way I can describe this is one side is fighting for dining out without masks while the other side is picking the crops and putting food on your table while begging for protective gear, just asking to survive,” said Miguel Arias, Fresno city council president.

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Alongside the Kamala Harris VP acceptance speech, one of the main attractions at tonight’s DNC is the appearance of former president Barack Obama.

Details of what he is expected to say in his live address at 10pm ET have been emerging overnight – and criticism of Donald Trump and the Republican attempts to discourage mail-in voting are high on his agenda. Obama is expected to describe the moves as “cynical”.

President Obama will highlight the cynical moves by the current administration and the Republican Party to discourage Americans from voting. He’ll make a pointed case that democracy itself is on the line – along with the chance to create a better version of it.

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