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Node.js 15 debuts support for HTTP/3 transport

Upgrade to the event-driven JavaScript runtime also updates NPM, enhances unhandled rejections, and adds new methods for working with array buffers

Node.js 15.0.0, the latest version of the event-driven JavaScript runtime that now has competition from the Deno runtime, was released October 20, with an experimental transport protocol for HTTP/3 and the latest version of the NPM package manager.

Downloadable from, Node.js 15.0.0 replaces Node.js 14 as the “current” release line, with Node.js promoted to LTS (long-term support) status later this month. Node.js 15, as an odd-numbered release, will not be promoted to LTS status.

Node.js has faced criticism lately from an unlikely source – Node.js creator Ryan Dahl, who has since created Deno to address Node.js shortcomings he has cited such as security. But the developers behind Node.js remain committed to their platform.

“The Node.js project and technical steering committee do not have an official position on Deno,” said Bethany Griggs, the release manager for Node.js 15. “My personal opinion is that having other runtime implementations such as Deno helps to drive innovation forwards overall,” she added. “I believe there’s space for them to coexist.”

Node.js 15.0.0 covers a multitude of areas, with features including:

QUIC, a UDP transport protocol that is the underlying transport protocol for HTTP/3. Support for QUIC is now experimental. QUIC features built-in…

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