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No, Microsoft has not made 825,000 carbon-neutral Xbox Series X consoles

A Microsoft sustainability campaign creates confusion.

In September last year, as part of the United Nations’ Playing for the Planet Initiative, Microsoft committed to producing 825,000 Xbox carbon-neutral Xbox consoles. An admirable goal and a good first step for the company’s gaming arm, with a new, more powerful console on the horizon.

Microsoft has been particularly proactive in the climate change space with extensive sustainability reports detailing its commitment to reducing carbon emissions. Its Xbox console commitment would see carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates used to save about 616,000 tons of carbon dioxide. A huge amount, equivalent to around 130,000 cars on the road for a year.

But on Monday, a user started a thread on the ResetEra forums linking to a Microsoft Story Lab project about the company’s sustainability initiatives. The thread, which began to pick up steam on Monday, suggested Xbox had produced 825,000 carbon-neutral Series X consoles. This is not true and it comes back to Microsoft’s Story Lab project.

The project includes a slide featuring an image of the Xbox Series X, next to a claim “Xbox has created the world’s first carbon-neutral gaming console — actually, 825,000 of them.”


But the statement, and the image used to represent it, are misleading.

Xbox has created 825,000 “carbon-neutral” Xbox consoles, but this has nothing to do with the Xbox Series X. A Microsoft spokesperson told…

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