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No. 7 pick in NBA draft can be heavenly

Detroit Pistons have the No. 7 overall pick in the 2020 NBA draft, and past history shows good value at the selection.

Thursday’s 2020 NBA draft lottery was the latest in a recent trend of disappointing lotteries for Detroit teams, as the Detroit Pistons fell from their No. 5 spot into the seventh pick, despite having a 42.1% chance to move up.

It’s not a death knell for the Pistons’ hopes of finding a player to embrace in their rebuild, as general manager Troy Weaver noted afterward: “Before everybody starts with the ‘woe is me,’ don’t do that with us. We’re not that. We’re not built that way. We’re going to charge forward and get after it for the seventh pick.”

And indeed, the No. 7 spot has produced plenty of talent over the years, even if it wasn’t always for the team doing the drafting. Vinnie Johnson went seventh to Seattle in 1979 and Rip Hamilton went seventh to Washington 20 years later; both have their numbers retired by the Pistons. Of course, your mileage may vary — Charlie Villanueva went seventh to Toronto in 2005 and joined the Pistons in 2010; he’s not getting his number retired until they start honoring especially bad contracts.

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Here are some of the more notable names who went seventh in NBA draft history:

Detroit’s only try: Greg Monroe

View photos Detroit Pistons’ Greg Monroe. More

The Pistons franchise has picked seventh once since moving to Detroit from Fort Wayne, Indiana, in 1957; in 2010, then-GM Joe Dumars selected Georgetown big man…

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