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New device to increase internet speed was innovated in India, Its a patent technology

 India invent new internet speed maker device.


INDIA NEWS – Indian scientist Jai Prakash Singh Rajput has introduced a new device to increase internet speed. Now, if the net speed is less ascending at your place, then this is good news for you. Jai Prakash had done many experiments to increase the speed of internet, but was not getting the right response, then only one of his experiments was successful and this device has become. They will soon find a device manufacturer and get it built. He has also patented this technique.

This is internet speed maker device

We never saw such a surprise

Internet has become a problem in rural nowadays. Whether it is office or home, net speed is not available. Mobiles also do not work properly. Internet companies have also made net packs expensive. Not getting the correct speed of the net on this is a big problem. If you use this device, then you will get the correct net speed. The team of World News Superfast had tested this device, as the Inventor had said that the net speed increases. We went to a place where there was a net speed flame. When this device was turned on, the net speed was four. Fold increased. We have never seen such a surprise. Its price is very low.

Hope to market soon

It has not been built in any company yet, it is in the time of experimentation. Inventor told that he would talk soon. It is a short. Its construction will take a few months. I believe in research I am working on.

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