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Mum shaves head for love of daughter

A MUM has shaved her head in memory of her daughter.

Cheryl, known as Chezzie to her family and friends, had two children and was only 46 when she died from cancer at St Luke’s Hospice earlier this year.

Mum Sue Winnington, from Winnington, said: “Chezzie wasn’t just my daughter, but my friend and support. We even worked together as she was a reception teacher and I was her teaching assistant. When she was diagnosed she was sent over to St Luke’s which she called her ‘safe haven and a place of peace.

“Chezzie’s friends and I were going to do the Bubble Rush in her memory, but unfortunately that was cancelled due to Covid-19. I have thought long and hard about what to do in my daughter’s memory instead of the Bubble Rush.

“Our family have always…

Barbara Jordan

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